Women Learning To Code 2019
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The Why

I was inspired to conduct this survey after noticing that there wasn't much data out there on women learning to code before landing a coding job. The infographic below presents my survey results.

I hope this information both comforts and inspires all women who are working towards a career in coding! Please reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn with any questions or suggestions.

Arit Amana

The Infographic

My Take

Here are some ways the infographic's' data impacted me the most:

Support from Tech Community

I was pleased to see that most women learning to code feel at least a little supported by the tech community. 31.3% of women learning to code feel 'Quite Supported', and 15.2% feel 'Very Supported'.

Low OpenSource Participation

There is a dearth of opensource participation among women learning to code. This one really hit home for me, as it was my opensource contributions that set me apart during my job search. To help, I've created a tutorial for getting started with the DevTo opensource project.

Low Conference Attendance

Women learning to code are moderately under-represented at tech conferences. Almost all those who have attended a conference went to an in-person one (as opposed to a virtual conference).

What We Need

One question my survey asked was: Describe any resources you wish you had while learning to code. Our needs are presented below, in the order of how often we mentioned each resource type.

Resource Number of times mentioned
Mentorship 21
Coding Peer Group in-real-life 15
Customized Learning Path for getting started & making progress 10
Better Technology/Internet Access 5
Finances for Paid Learning Resources 4
Job-hunt/Interviewing Support 4
More Time For Learning 4
Living Stipend while learning-to-code 3
More Help from school instructors 2
Paid Internship/Apprenticeship 2
Practical, based-on-real-job project ideas 2
Schorlarship support 2
Family Support 1
Greater Representation In Tech 1
On-the-job Training 1

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